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Superior Cover Shielding Technology

 wiper glove

All-year protection for windshield wiper blades with a specialized glove providing a barrier from environmental debris including frost, snow, ice, ultraviolet rays and ozone.

All-Year Protection

Protection from Snow/Ice Build-up

Wiper Blade Protection Made Easy


User Friendly

Wiper Glove is an easy-to-use wiper blade shield suitable for all climates . It is a reusable barrier for long term, increased life-cycle protection. Wiper Glove offers a superior blade protection at great prices.

cost effective

The cost to replace wiper blades has increased dramatically. Since most wiper blades are now sized differently and sold in single packages we provide an economical way to extend the useable life-cycle of wiper blades.

Easy to Use

Our product is simple and easy to apply.

Wiper Gloves

Reusable device for year-round use .

Increased Life-Cycle

Superior wiper blade protection.

Wiper Blade Protection

Unique environmental barrier.

Winter Weather

Shield from Snow/Ice Build-up.

Summer Weather

Shield from UV Rays and Ozone .

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