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wiper glove

Cover Shielding Technology for Wiper Blades

About the Company

Our company is based in the United States and our products are produced here in the USA. All major components are fabricated in the USA. We are Veteran Owned and a Veteran operated Business.

Wiper gloves provide “Protection” to windshield wipers

Protects against Snow and ice build-up.

Protects Wiper Blades from freezing to the windshield.

Protects against harmful environmental conditions.

Protects against harmful UV light energy which causes ozone damage.


Wiper Glove Sizes

10” to 18” Blade- Use a 19”
19” to 23” Blade – Use a 24”
24” to 28” Blade- Use a 29”
29” to 40” Blade – Use a 42”

Price Range

$4.29 – $7.38 per Glove


To Install

1. Remove from package, stretch out the Wiper Glove.
2. Grasp the windshield wiper and rotate upward off windshield.
3. Place the open end of the Glove over the top of the windshield wiper.
4. By hand, slide the inside of the Wiper Glove over the wiper blade.
5. Slide the Wiper Glove down fully until the entire blade is covered.
6. With Wiper Glove fully in place, wrap open end around the blade arm.
7. Hold the wrapped end andlowerwiper blade back on to the windshield.

To Remove

Reverse install procedure.

Re-Usable Wiper Glove

Wiper Gloves provide all-year protection for windshield wiper blades by providing a barrier from environmental debris including frost, snow, ice, ultraviolet rays and ozone.

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