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wiper glove

Wiper Gloves provide all-year protection for windshield wiper blades by providing a barrier from environmental debris including frost, snow, ice, ultraviolet rays and ozone.

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Wiper Glove Pricing 

MFR Suggest Retail Price:
Wiper Glove 19” Long $4.29
Wiper Glove 24” Long $4.89
Wiper Glove 29” Long $5.49
Wiper Glove 39” Long $7.38

An 8.25% Texas Sales Tax Per each Order.

Single Wiper Glove -10” to 18” Use 19” Glove $4.29
Single Wiper Glove -19” to 23” Use 24” Glove $4.89
Single Wiper Glove – 24” to 28” Use 29” Glove $5.49
Single Wiper Glove – 29 to 38” Use 39” Glove $7.38

TERMS & CONDITIONS: One year Warranty per Wiper Glove do to cracking by weather damage. Not an issue.

Wiper Glove warrants that the manufactured products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the recorded date of purchase. This limited warranty shall replace any Wiper Glove produced found to be defective in material and/or workmanship. Factory authorization is required to return defective products and returned products are subject to examination prior to replacement. Customer shall be responsible for all costs and liabilities of the returned product and shipment. This limited warranty shall not apply to any and all costs of labor and materials for removal, replacement and installation incurred by the buyer, customer, user, or any third party of the returned and/or replaced product.

Wiper Glove makes no additional warranty, expressed or implied, and is not responsible for any consequential damages resulting from the application or use by any buyer, customer, user, or any third party, its liability being limited to the value of the sold product or the obligation to replace the defective product only. Any misuse of the product shall void this warranty. The product application, installation and verification are the responsibility of the buyer, customer, user, or any subject third party of the product(s), plus any and all resulting liabilities.



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